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And we are passionate about bringing local, farm-fresh premium groceries to our community and neighbors. We can offer what the big box groceries can’t—knowledge and expertise about our food, because we know where it all comes from. We are committed to producing beautiful excellent beef and selecting the finest groceries to complement everything on your table.
We thank you for your business!

Since 2020


You help create jobs and support locally for…..

Our builders, fence builders, feed suppliers, ranch equipment manufacturers, fertilizer suppliers,
veterinarian, meat processing plant, local cattle ranchers (some of our calves are breeding stock), our
Church (we tithe) our local and state government (we pay our taxes), 216 Ranch employees and our

Ask about any of the above and I will tell you their first name and how we’ve worked together.
All the above are people who live here in Delaware and Ottawa county. We’ve invested our money here
locally to produce a product we are proud of and you can enjoy. Our livestock are treated with utmost
care, so you get our best. We will gladly take you out to the pasture to look at them. You can probably buy cheaper product at big name stores and the executives at those places are happy you do. I don’t know any of their names.

Come by and see us, our names are Randy and Mary Williams, we live here and would like to meet you.

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We are located on Monkey Island Highway 125, just south of the Highway 85A Junction and directly across from The Reserves.

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Thursday: 2pm - 5pm

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Saturday: 9am - 1pm